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Singer Songwriter Sample Pack

Singer Songwriter Sample Pack

For this pack, I took a really vibey kit into the studio and got some sounds that inspired me in the singer songwriter style. What makes this kit unique is that you can mix and match a kick/snare, kick/x-stick, or kick/brush grooves and then mix in a pattern played on rims, ride or the hihat with percussion sprinkled in for fun. This kit would be killer for writing a new song OR making your record for a fraction of the price. 


The drum and cymbal sizes are:

22" PDP Concept Classic maple kick

13" PDP Concept Classic maple tom

14" PDP Concept Classic maple floor tom 

6.5x14 Spaun birch/maple snare 


14" Dream Contact hats

19" Dark Matter Bliss Paper-Thin crash

22"  Dark Matter Bliss crash-ride


Various Latin Percussion/homeade shakers and tambourines 


The kit features include:

24- kick snare grooves

13- cross stick grooves

14- brush grooves

63- drum fills

7-stack/crasher patterns

10- percussion loops

7- ride patterns

4- rim patterns

27- hihat patterns

27- one shots

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